Courier Barcode Label Software

Create linear barcodes by the batch


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Courier Barcode Label Software, also called Post Office and Bank Barcode Label Software or DRPU Barcode Software for Post Office and Banks, is a tool that can generate barcodes for banks and courier services.

The program has all the features needed to create a barcode that can be read with the appropriate tool. You can edit the header and footer text, and then choose the number of columns and the space between them.

Other features in the program let you create barcodes by the batch and preview them on a window to check how they look before you print them.

Post Office and Bank Barcode Label Software, aka Courier Barcode Label Software, is an application aimed at a very specific group of users, who will find it extremely useful. For the rest, I'm afraid, it's not very useful. That said, despite its very technical name, it can create almost any type of barcode.

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